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Here at Rainbow Stacks, we believe in the power of reading to promote acceptance and love towards communities that otherwise face various degrees of discrimination. This site was created in order to provide a safe space for teens who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and who love to read YA (Young Adult) literature.

Our site features various pages for teens who are looking for their next queer YA read or want to hear from some of their favorite queer authors. We’ve also provided multiple resources, whether you yourself are an LGBTQIA+ teen or have a loved one who is. These resources, as found in our resources tab, include important terminology, statistics related to LGBTQIA+ teen’s unique mental health struggles, and hotlines for those who need additional support.

No matter why you decided to stop by, we are so glad you decided to visit our site and hope that you enjoy your stay

xx, The Creator of Rainbow Stacks

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Our LGBTQIA+ terminology page is dedicated to providing you with essential vocabulary related to the LGBTQIA+ communities.

Browse our statistics page that is dedicated to providing meaningful stats about the mental health challenges and unique stressors that LGBTQIA+ youths face.

Browse our hotlines page that include numbers that you can call if you need additional support. Many of the numbers are based in the United States, but we linked resources to international numbers as well